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2014 Subaru BRZ

Turn every corner into a grin. [Spread 2/3]

Introducing the 2014 Subaru BRZ. Maybe you've felt it before. You've definitely dreamed it. A moment where every element of driving comes together to deliver performance that's intimately, joyously connected. Performance that's—above all else—fun. With the BRZ, we took all our engineering know-how and let it loose to create that kind of performance every day.

BRZ Exterior Colors. [Spread 4/5]

BRZ Interior Trim. [Spread 6/7]

Engineering that doesn't outsource the driving. [Spread 8/9]

Handling. In sweepers or hairpins, the BRZ listens to your hands with startling precision and answers back with exhilarating immediacy. It's an experience that allows nothing to unplug the connection between you, your car and the road.

Stability while slowing. A rigid, lightweight body and powerful brakes assisted by control-enhancing technology, allow you to quickly shave off velocity, while precisely setting up a perfect line. Vented Disk Brakes. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD). Lightweight – 2,672 lbs.

Agile Attitude Adjustments. A newly engineered steering system and finely tuned suspension respond immediately, track right where you turn it and give feedback that tells you exactly what the tires are up to. Put the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) in the available Sport Mode, and play closer to the limit. Sport-tuned Suspension. Quick-ratio steering. VSC Sport Mode.

A punchy boxer. Hop on the accelerator of the BRZ and you'll feel a new 2.0-liter SUBARU BOXER® engine that delivers peak torque quickly and over a flat torque curve. That power gets to the pavement efficiently even while turning, thanks to a Torsen limited-slip rear differential. 7,500 RPM Redline. 200 horsepower. Advanced Direct Injection. 34 mpg.

Quick-change artist. Leap into the straights, and grab crisp, yet smooth upshifts with the optimally placed short-throw shifter of the 6-speed manual. The optional 6-speed auto responds with quick shifts and a sporty feel, thanks to paddle shifters and rev matching when you downshift. Close-ratio 6-speed manual. Short-throw Shifter. Optional Paddle Shifters.

All out – from the ground up. [Spread 10/11]

Deigned to be driven. The vision of Subaru engineers was as simple as it was precise-create a purpose-built sports car that embodies our love of impeccable engineering and our passion for fun behind the wheel. With the BRZ, every element works in synch to deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Low – our highest priority. From the start, the BRZ was engineered to accentuate the inherent low center of gravity of the SUBARU BOXER® engine. The engine itself was redesigned to make it even more compact, allowing it to be mounted lower in the chassis. Then we moved everything around it lower as well—from the roofline to the seating position—planting the BRZ more firmly to the ground for otherworldly response.

Perfect proportions. A total focus on electrifying handling meant keeping the weight down and moving more of it closer to the center. To make the BRZ not only lighter but stiffer too, engineers generously used high-tensile steel. To place the engine farther behind the front axle—reducing overhangs and improving front to rear balance—the BRZ sends its power to the rear.

Make the wind your friend. To a sports car, wind is like weight—the more air you move, the more it takes from your ability to perform. So we designed the BRZ to cut through the air as efficiently as possible. Features like a channeled roof design and rear diffuser help improve airflow and reduce drag, sharpening the performance you'll feel.

Discover the power of balance. [Spread 12/13]

Subaru Boxer Engine. Balance is precision. It's performance that inspires. It's power in perfect proportion. Subaru puts performance in balance with an engine unlike any offered by our competitors. The SUBARU BOXER® Engine features a low profile, symmetrical design that puts the weight of the engine lower and in line with the vehicle for better response and control.

Horizontally Opposed Design. The pistons move in 180-degree opposition to each other on a horizontal plane, so each naturally cancels out the vibration of the piston opposite it.

Smoother Operation. Step on the accelerator and the revs come on smooth. While there's plenty of power when you need it, it helps enhance your comfort and control.

Durable Construction. The engine's flat design is inherently rigid, and reduces the amount of vibration that “V” or inline engines-with more upright pistons-are subjected to during operation. Increased durability. An engine subjected to less vibration lasts longer. It's no wonder 96% of Subaru vehicles built in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

Low Center of Gravity. The flatter profile and perfectly symmetrical design of the engine block, and the fact that it sits lower in the chassis, make the overall vehicle more balanced and nimble versus other designs.

Greater Agility. The vehicle responds more quickly to changes in direction, which gives a feeling of tightness in turns. And it's more likely to feel stable during maneuvers, giving you an increased feeling of being in control at all times.

34 miles per gallon. 100 hp per liter. Unlimited smiles per drive. [Spread 14/15]

Come play. [Spread 16/17]

Driver-centric interior. With design features like a contoured, small diameter steering wheel, your hands will naturally find everything they need with intuitive fluidity. And your eyes will have a decisive view of the road, thanks to excellent forward visibility and HID headlights that illuminate better on nighttime drives. From the moment you step in, you'll know what this car wants.

Interior Features. [Spread 18/19]

Sport-design instrumentation helps you better put your brain in sport mode. A large, centrally located tach with digital speed readout puts key data where your eyes can quickly find it, helping you maintain maximum focus on driving.

Not only does this navigation system feature a 6.1-inch touch-screen, an easy-to-use interface and 3-D view, it's also standard equipment on every BRZ.

Keep you and your front passenger in personalized comfort with the available dual-zone automatic climate control system. Both front passengers can set different preferred temperatures, and the system will automatically maintain them.

Few things will be quite as satisfying as walking up to your BRZ, opening the door and firing up the boxer engine, all while your key never leaves your pocket. The available Keyless Access & Start makes it possible.

Features standard on the BRZ make it possible to enjoy music from a variety of sources. Plug in virtually any device with the 3.5mm audio jack, or use the USB connection that also incorporates iPod® Control. You can even connect a compatible device wirelessly with Bluetooth® Audio Streaming.

Take control of the smooth-shifting 6-speed manual transmission via a leather-wrapped short-throw shifter, which is placed optimally for minimized effort and maximum connection to the engine's performance.

When deep in the corners, you'll be glad the BRZ offers performance-design front seats with deep bolsters and available Alcantara® inserts, which provide extra grip to help keep you in the pocket.

We look at safety from all sides. [Spread 20/21]

Subaru Award-winning Safety. When it comes to safety, we'll never do anything halfway. Subaru engineers vehicles with the best possible protection and with multi-faceted features and design that work in the real world. That commitment has driven us to give the BRZ safety that exceeds expectations.

Exceptional Control. With exceptional balance and precision driving characteristics, the BRZ helps provide you with the control you need to react to and avoid hazards. Every BRZ also comes standard with VSC electronic stability control, which can detect a loss of control and intervene to help keep you on your intended path.

Excellent Visibility. Amongst compact sports cars, the BRZ offers exceptional forward visibility and excellent views from all angles around you, helping you maintain heightened awareness of your surroundings. It also offers high visibility LED taillights, and LED daytime running lights to help you stay visible to other cars.

Passenger Protection. Front-seat side and side-curtain airbags2— standard on every BRZ—surround outboard occupants in the event of a crash to help prevent injury. The BRZ also features new whiplash-protection performance-design front seats with height-adjustable head restraints.

All-around Protection. Our Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame is exceptionally strong for maximum resistance to impact energy, while its unique configuration helps divert that energy away from occupants. The frame of the BRZ is composed of generous amounts of high-tensile steel for even greater strength and lighter weight.

Subaru Award-winning Safety. When it comes to safety, we'll never do anything halfway. Subaru engineers vehicles with the best possible protection and with multi-faceted features and design that work in the real world. That commitment has driven us to give the BRZ safety that exceeds expectations.

We love the things that matter most. [Spread 22/23]

Partners That Care. Subaru has spent decades building relationships with dozens of organizations that believe in building a cleaner, greener, and more hopeful world as much as we do. Through our Share the Love sales events, new Subaru owners have helped us donate nearly $15 million over the last 3 years to charities such as ASPCA®, Habitat for Humanity, Ocean Conservancy, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Meals on Wheels. We look forward to seeing even more love with help from our generous customers in the years to come.

Cars That Last. Life is too important to slow down with a car you can't rely on. That's why we build each of our vehicles with the highest standards of manufacturing, with designs that are inherently tough and with engineering that emphasizes quality and consistency. This commitment is why 96% of all the vehicles we've built in the last 10 years are still on the road today.1 It's also why Subaru vehicles keep their value so well. In fact, ALG gave Subaru their Residual Value as the best mainstream automotive brand for 2012 –third year in a row.

Owner Benefits. Every Subaru comes with 24-hour roadside assistance for 3 years or 36,000 miles. And that's just the beginning of our commitment to our owners. Subaru Added Security® means extended service agreements and maintenance plans that will help protect your car for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles. It offers the only mechanical and maintenance plans backed by Subaru of America, Inc., and because we've been backing them for more than 25 years, they're agreements you can trust. Your dealer has full coverage details. Subaru Equity Shield™ GAP can help pay all or most of a possible difference between what your insurance company covers for your Subaru that was totaled, or stolen and not recovered, and what you still owe in payments. It will even cover your deductible for up to $1,000.

Subaru Life. Love every mile. Live every moment. Getting out there. Getting going. Getting to where your life is lived. Whether you're taking a new turn or simply taking a break, we build every Subaru to help you take it all in. With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, you have the stability and control to drive with confidence where you want, when you want. Smart features help you do more of what you live for, and award-winning safety helps you do it with assurance. It's the joy of having a car that you don't just love to drive, but one built for life. And we think that's why owners always tell us, “I love my Subaru.” Badge of Ownership-One way Subaru owners express their love is with a unique badge that reflects their interests and passions.

Performance that's won over those hardest to please. [Spread 24/25]

“Pound for horsepower, and dollar for dollar, this is the purest sports car you can buy in 2012.” —Popular Mechanics

“The BRZ is a delightfully fun car; a complete package that combines light weight and great handling with just enough power to have fun—but not too much that you can only enjoy it for three seconds at a time.” —Automobile Magazine

“Expect to see them clogging up track days all over the country by the end of the summer.” —Edmund's Insideline

“Overall, it's a good dual-character machine that's fun on the weekends but won't beat you up during the week.” —Road & Track

“There is no doubt about whether the car does what it was built to do—it handles terrifically, it sounds great especially if you're a fan of high-revving fours, it's a solid shifter with either transmission and a pleasant cabin.” —Autoblog.com

“At this point, the BRZ appears to be the car we've been waiting for—the inexpensive, rear-drive sprite the industry has somehow managed to avoid making for generations.” —Car and Driver

Make Your BRZ truly yours.[Spread 26/27]