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2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

This day. This place. Consider them claimed.

Introducing the all-new 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek. Jump in and get out there. With a clean-running 33 highway MPG1, standard Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and among the highest ground clearance in its class, the do-it-all XV Crosstrek lets you set your own boundaries.

XV Crosstrek Exterior Colors.

XV Crosstrek Interior Colors & Trim.

Interior Lighting. Dawn or duck. Be ready for action.


All in to go all out. Don't hold back. With standard roof rails and ample room inside and out, the XV Crosstrek can help make nearly anything happen.

Space to spare. When you never stop doing, you need a lot of room to do it in. The versatile XV Crosstrek supplies 51.9 cubic feet with the rear seats down. And for longer items, the 60/40-split flat-folding seats allow room for long cargo and an extra passenger, too.

Ground control. Go ahead. Carve your own path. With among the highest ground clearance in its class, the XV Crosstrek can make challenging roads less challenging – even when the snow dumps deep.

Just the right size. Inside and out. Stretch out and enjoy. There's enough leg, head and shoulder room to put even taller passengers at ease in the front of back seat.

Efficiency. Do more. Use less.

Economical. Make your plans. Then push them even farther. The remarkably fuel-efficient XV Crosstrek delivers more mileage than you may be used to. Its available Lineartronic® Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) helps it earn up to 33 highway MPG from its SUBARU BOXER® engine, while still delivering an engaging driving experience.

Engine. XV Crosstrek packs more than enough power to entertain, but with less impact on the planet. Every XV Crosstrek that Subaru makes is PZEV2 rated, meaning it's among the cleanest crossovers you can buy. As you seek blue skies ahead, you're also helping to preserve them for everyone who follows.

Transmissions. The chain-driven, low-maintenance Lineartronic® CVT smoothly gets the most from your Crosstrek. Rather than shifting through each gear, it winds up to optimal rpm and stays there, continuously adjusting to the engine's demands to ensure the highest MPG possible. For those who crave a more hands-on driving experience, there's also an available 5-speed manual transmission.

Range. A lot can happen in 524 miles, especially in a crossover this capable. Since Crosstrek earns up to 33 highway MPG, you won't have to fill it up often and you'll have a lot of options on a full tank.

All-Wheel Drive. Full time. Full effect.

Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. It's never about compromise when it comes to driver control. That's why the XV Crosstrek is equipped with Subaru Symmetrical AWD. It's balanced side-to-side for stability. And it's designed to efficiently route power directly to each wheel all the time to maximize your grip of the road.

All-weather Conditions. Whether it's snow, rain, or just some gravel on the road – slick conditions can surprise even the best planners. But Subaru Symmetrical AWD keeps more power routed to all four wheels versus some other systems that only react to slippage that has already occurred. So you're ready with exceptional traction and control.

Spirited Handling. With outstanding grip and an exceptionally balanced layout—thanks to its one-of-a-kind, almost perfectly symmetrical design—Subaru AWD helps maximize the connection, and improve the response that your XV Crosstrek has to the road.

Accident Avoidance. When danger steps into your path, the safest route is to step right around it. The trademark traction, stability and control of Subaru AWD helps you stay safe by making your XV Crosstrek ready to react.

All-road Conditions. By continually grabbing for every bit of traction possible, and sending power to the wheels with best traction when slippage occurs, Subaru AWD helps give you the freedom to tackle rough or loose road surfaces with confidence.

Engine. Low profile. Big difference.

Subaru Boxer Engine. The SUBARU BOXER® engine is remarkably different because it generates more than power. The pistons are laid flat in a horizontally opposed design, providing powerful, yet smooth acceleration. And better yet, a lower center of gravity for increased handling stability.

Boxer Engine. Discover the power of balance.

Subaru Boxer Engine. Balance is control. It's poise and capability. It's power in perfect proportion. Subaru puts performance in balance with an engine unlike any offered by our competitors. The SUBARU BOXER® Engine features a low profile, symmetrical design that puts the weight of the engine lower and in line with the vehicle for better response and control.

Horizontally Opposed Design. The pistons move in 180-degree opposition to each other on a horizontal plane, so each naturally cancels out the vibration of the piston opposite it. Smoother Operation. Step on the accelerator and the revs come on smooth without the extra engineering other engines require. It's comfortable and controlled, with plenty of power when you need it.

Durable Construction. The engine's flat design is inherently rigid, and reduces the amount of vibration that "V" or inline engines-with more upright pistons-are subjected to during operation. Increased durability. An engine subjected to less vibration lasts longer. It's no wonder 96% of Subaru vehicles built in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

Low Center of Gravity. The flatter profile and perfectly symmetrical design of the engine block, and the fact that it sits lower in the chassis, make the overall vehicle more balanced and nimble versus other designs. Greater Handling Agility. The vehicle responds more quickly to changes in direction, which gives a feeling of tightness in turns. And it's more likely to feel stable during maneuvers, giving you an increased feeling of being in control at all times.

Interior Features. Plenty to do. Lots to enjoy.

Keep audio, cruise control and more close at hand with the steering-wheel-counted controls.

The eco gauge shows very quickly how your driving is affecting your fuel economy. If you're trying to save gas, but are too heavy on the pedal, it'll let you know.

Pair it with a compatible phone, and with standard Bluetooth® hands-free calling, you can stay in touch while keeping your hands where they belong.

Set your desired temperature with the available automatic climate control, and it'll automatically adjust the air conditioning and heater to keep the interior just the way you like it.

Let the fresh air in and soak in the sun with the push of a button on the available power moonroof.

The available All-Weather Package equips your XV Crosstrek for extra comfort and safety when the temperature dips. It adds heated front seats, heated side mirrors and a windshield wiper de-icer.

Interior Features. Big space. For even bigger plans.

You need an interior that can keep up with your plans and the 60/40-split flat-folding rear seats make sure you have a lot of options.

Accessory cargo nets keep things safe and secure when the road gets bumpy or the turns get tight.

Help keep your gear yours with the standard cargo area cover

The custom-fit cargo tray helps protect your cargo area from the mud and grime of your comings and goings.

Load it in. Haul it out. Get a move on. It's easy with the wide rear opening of the XV Crosstrek.

Safety. We look at safety from all sides.

Subaru Award-winning Safety. When it comes to safety, we'll never do anything halfway. Subaru engineers vehicles with the best possible protection and with multi-faceted features and design that work in the real world. That commitment has driven us to give the XV Crosstrek safe from every angle for all aboard.

Passenger Protection. Front-seat side and side-curtain airbags2— standard on every XV Crosstrek—surround outboard occupants in the event of a crash to help prevent injury. The new XV Crosstrek also features front seats with whiplash protection, and a knee airbag that helps protect the lower extremities of the driver in an impact. And should a rollover be detected, the rollover sensor will pre-deploy the side-curtain airbags to help supply early protection.

All-around Protection. Our Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame is exceptionally strong for maximum resistance to impact energy, while its unique configuration helps divert that energy away from occupants. The frame of the XV Crosstrek is now composed of more high-tensile steel for even greater strength and lighter weight.

Exceptional Control. The traction and balance of the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the stability of the SUBARU BOXER® engine help provide you with the control you need to react to and avoid hazards. Every XV Crosstrek also comes with standard VDC electronic stability control, which can detect a loss of control and intervene to help keep you on your intended path.

Stopping Power. Powerful and reliable vented disc brakes are teamed with advanced technologies to help you stop short of danger. Antilock brakes help make sure you don't lose traction, and the advanced Brake Assist system helps ensure maximum pressure is applied to the brakes as quickly as possible in an emergency situation.

Love. Love with no limits.

Our connection to our owners and the life they live is forever unfolding at Subaru.

Entablished in 1984, the Subaru of America Foundation (SOAF) has donated $6.8 million to improve surrounding communitites.

Partners That Care. Subaru has spent decades building relationships with dozens of organizations that believe in building a cleaner, greener, and more hopeful world as much as we do. Through our Share the Love sales events, new Subaru owners have helped us donate nearly $20 million over the last four years to charities such as ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Meals on Wheel Association of America and Special Olympics. We look forward to seeing even more love with help from our generous customers in the years to come.

Through the Share the Love sales event, new Subaru owners have helped us donate nearly $29 million of the last four years to charities

Cars That Last. Life is too important to slow down with a car you can't rely on. That's why we build each of our vehicles with the highest standards of manufacturing, with designs that are inherently tough and with engineering that emphasizes quality and consistency. This commitment is why 96% of all the vehicles we've built in the last 10 years are still on the road today. It's also why Subaru vehicles keep their value so well. In fact, ALG gave Subaru their Residual Value as the best mainstream automotive brand for 2012 –third year in a row.

Owner Benefits. At Subaru our commitment to you goes beyond building an enjoyable and reliable car. It extends with services that enhance the benefits of ownership like Added Security® and Roadside Assistance. We even offer you a wealth of fun resources to keep you in the know. Click on any of the benefits below to learn more.

Whether you're starting your journey or are 200,000 miles into it, we'll be there to help along the way.

Subaru owners live at the intersection of adventure and ingenuity. And the creators of tarp surfing tapped into all of these inspirations to come up with a cool new trend.

Love every mile. Live every moment. Getting out there. Getting going. Getting to where your life is lived. Whether you're taking a new turn or simply taking a break, we build every Subaru to help you take it all in. With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, you have the stability and control to drive with confidence where you want, when you want. Smart features help you do more of what you live for, and award-winning safety helps you do it with assurance. It's the joy of having a car that you don't just love to drive, but one built for life. And we think that's why owners always tell us, "I love my Subaru." Badge of Ownership-One way Subaru owners express their love is with a unique badge that reflects their interests and passions.

Camping, cycling and 100k miles. The Subaru Badge of Ownership offers 22 different ways to show how you experience the world. How many will you clain?

Environment. We try not to waste a thing. Even waste.

In 2004, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) became the first manufacturing facility in the U.S. to reach zero landfill status and be designated a wildlife habitat. And every Subaru plant continues to use green suppliers, reduce manufacturing wastes and cut CO2 emissions.

Wildlife Habitat. In 2003, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. became the first automotive assembly plant to be designated as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. SIA's 800+ acres serves as a home for a wide variety of animals, including: whitetail deer, rabbits, Canadian geese, mallard ducks, squirrels, beavers, coyote, snapping turtles, frogs, red-tail hawks, blue heron, and the bald eagle.

Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV) Status. Because clear skies are just as important as clean landscapes, we've engineered out vehicles to impact the air quality as little as possible. Now we're taking it one step further. Every 2014 XV Crosstrek join non-turbo Impreza and XV Crosstrek models, as well as select Outback and Legacy models, to achieve Partial Zero Emission Vehicle—PZEV—status meaning they are among the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicles available in the U.S. based on smog and greenhouse gas (GHG) ratings and overall fuel economy. And we've done it without compromising performance and versatility.

Green Partners. We've spent decades building relationships with those who believe in building a cleaner and greener world as much as we do. That's why we support organizations such as Leave No Trace, which promotes responsible recreation.

Acclaim. Already getting noticed.

Genuine Subaru Accessories.

Make your XV Crosstrek truly yours.

Trailer Hitch. Rated at 200 lbs. tongue weight with 1,500 lbs. of towing capacity. Engineered to the same rigorous standards as the rest of the XV Crosstrek.

Rear Bumper Cover. Helps protect the upper surface of the painted bumper from scratches and dings.

Remote Engine Starter. Allows vehicle to start from the convenience of home or the office (up to 400 feet away, depending on obstructions) so that the vehicle interior temperature is more comfortable.

Body Side Moldings. Attractive, color-matched moldings coordinate with the styling of the vehicle while helping to protect doors from unsightly dings.

Sport Mesh Grille. Bold metal mesh design adds an aggressive look to the XV Crosstrek. Grille comes pre-painted and ready to install.

Crossbar Set – Aero. May be used in conjunction with Genuine Subaru roof attachments and carriers.

All-Weather Floor Mats. Custom-fitted heavy-gauge floor mats help protect the vehicle carpet from sand, dirt and moisture.

Roof Cargo Carrier. Provides 14 cubic feet of lockable storage capacity. Opens from rear to accommodate loading from three sides. Measures 56"L x 36"W x 18"H.

Rear Seatback Protector. Helps protect the rear seatbacks from dirt and spills when the rear seats are folded flat.

Side Window Deflectors. Designed to let the fresh air in while helping to keep the rain out of the vehicle. Black acrylic plastic construction is designed specifically for an exact fit.

Auto-dimming Mirror with HomeLink. Mirror darkens when headlights are detected from